PSA – Wet basements

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Published on March 14, 2019

PSA – Wet basements

Realtor Keith here, QUICK PSA – It’s been a bad year for ice dams & now… wet basements…

Tips from my experience over the years:

  • Physically move snow away from the foundation. Many experienced large drifts against their homes. Remove them! 
  • Clear your deck of snow and move it away from the foundation.
  • You may also find out your deck is not properly flashed in a Spring such as this. Watch along the ceiling and wall in your home below where the deck attaches.
  • Check your sump pit (even if typically dry in the Spring).
  • If you have a pump, test it. Dump a bucket of water in the pit.
  • Install water alarms near the sump pit, install check valves on the elimination lines and have a battery back-up system for the pump.
  • Look around your home for pooling water. If you have low areas where a lot of water has pooled, use a submersible pump to move it away from the home.
  • Don’t assume since it is a walkout water cannot creep in from the back side. Large snow piling can cause damming and pooling easily high enough to enter doors or over the stub foundation wall.
  • Clear gutters from ice and debris.
  • Get those extension back on if you remove them in the winter or if they have fallen off.
  • Keep an eye on drains in your mechanical room. These have been known to back up as storm sewer water issues occur.

Lastly, don’t assume since you have never had a wet basement, you won’t have a wet basement. Keep an eye out!

Do you have any other tips to share? Stay dry!!! 

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