What is reasonable to ask the seller to take care of after your home inspection.

  • The buyer and the mortgage company expects that the roof does not leak and has some useful life remaining. Occasionally, a roof will be in such poor condition that it’s impossible to provide meaningful repairs. In these cases, a new roof will be recommended.

If a new roof is called out, buyers will want to obtain quotes (if none have been provided) and factor this into their negotiations. The buyer did not purchase a home with a new roof. If it did then it is reasonable that the home would have carried a higher price. So the buyer should, in most cases, expect that there will be some consideration for that.

  • It is reasonable to require that the home’s primary mechanical systems be working correctly and have some useful live remaining. The buyer expects heat. They also expect that if air conditioning was listed as part of the properties mechanical systems that it also be in working order.

This also holds true for the electrical system, the plumbing system and the structural components like foundations and windows.

One of the systems that often gets overlooked is the sewer system. In many older communities, there are clay or cast-iron pipes that may be collapsed or compromised. This can be an expensive repair so we recommend that there be a sewer line inspection in those communities.  

  • Always remember that homes built in different eras were built to different code standards. Those homes were built to the standard of the day and it is not reasonable to ask a seller to bring a home built in 1922 up to today’s code requirements.
  • Asking for cosmetic changes is not reasonable. You may hate that wall paper in the dining room but it was there when you made the initial offer and it is not an item that should be discussed when evaluating an inspection report.

Keith Hittner Sr

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