Gather Around The Table

Hittner Group
Hittner Group
Published on November 20, 2017

Here we are again in the season of holiday traditions. We travel. We gather. We see those we haven’t seen in ages as well as those we see every day. We take time to remember the ones who could not make the trip, and honor the memory of those who we will never see again.

It is not always easy. We have different values and different politics. Our views do not always align, and at times they clash. And yet we almost always find a way to make it through a meal with love, forbearance, and a reminder to hold tight to what we share, not the least of which is the commonality of our basic humanity.

It goes to show there is profound power when we get around the table to see one another. When we meet eye-to-eye and pass the plates around, we reinforce the bonds which matter the most. I know it is not always possible. Sometimes loved ones serve abroad. Sometimes hardship and tragedy prevent us from joining together. If this is the case for you this year, you have my most sincere hopes that you can be together as soon as possible.

Let us never forget that in addition to the comfort and shelter our homes provide, they are also made to be opened, to host and share. Let us never forget how essential it is to get around a table.

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